I have not spoken about the actual artistic work that I developed on this project. This has been a conscious choice as, firstly, I want to explore what needs to happen around the art in order for art to happen. Secondly, it is because I did not make any art.

One evening in June, close to the end of the project, I called my partner from the echoing, empty house. I was in the process of planning my final event, and I was frustrated by something that I couldn’t quite put my finger on. It usually helps to talk my ideas through with him, but after a few minutes of stalled explanations and unsure starts-and-stops I was at a loss to explain what my problem was. He told me to take a deep breath and just to describe the artwork. I said to him: ‘That’s the problem: I’ve made no art.’

‘Oh,’ he said. Pause. Then: ‘But you’ve been going there for six months. You’ve done loads of things with people… what do you mean you haven’t made any art?’ My response was instinctive: ‘That’s right. I’ve made no art. I’ve done heaps and heaps of engagement. Sure, I’ve done workshops and talked with folks and I’ve tried to do things with people. But, I’ve made no art.’

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