A National Evaluation of Creative People and Places states:

The investment will encourage long-term collaborations between local communities and arts organisations, museums, libraries and other partners such as local authorities and the private sector. It aims to empower them to experiment with new and radically different approaches and to develop inspiring, sustainable arts programmes that will engage audiences in those communities.(33)

In case of my project: how can a CPP-funded organisation develop those long-term collaborations when they are not on-site, working in the very location they are trying to generate impact on? How does the project develop sustainable arts programmes if they do not know anyone there, except in cursory, passing detail? If they do not know its daily social experiences? Or the minutiae of its relationships and engagements? How is it expected to be sustainable if it only visits once a month, and the person who had developed and held those relationships – i.e. me – leaves after 70 days’ work?


33 – National Evaluation of Creative People and Places (n.d.). See https://www.anewdirection.org.uk/what-we-do/national-evaluation-of-the-creative-people-and-places-programme) (Available online – Accessed 29 December 2016.)

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