There is a litany of other complaints I have about The Institution: the lack of regular communication, their failure at marketing my final event, their use of  images when I expressly asked them not to, the way they talk about my project as a resounding success when it obviously wasn’t, but these complaints are not for this text. Suffice to say that The Institution are a successful participatory arts organisation in the North West of England and their continued support by CPP suggests that my critique is perhaps one-sided. More research needs to be done and will leave that for later.(35) Instead, for the last part of this text, I want to concentrate on the continued implications of the instrumentalisation of ‘working with people’ today.


35  I initially approached The Institution to develop this reflective text together and they initially agreed to that, quite eagerly, but later declined, suggesting it was not in their interest to work with me individually, but they would rather work with the entire group of artists involved in their projects. This reflection has not been forthcoming as yet, nor have they invited me to participate in this collective reflection.

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