So, the question of how artists and institutions work within the social context of extreme – or even moderate – socio-economic difficulty is an ethical question, and I think we need to recognise we are all part of the problem. As François Matarasso suggests: ‘If art matters, the ethical framework within which it is produced, distributed and consumed matters also.’(42) And: ‘Another way of answering these questions is to think less of what an artist is and more of what they do. Perhaps being an artist is not about a person’s nature or status, but a way of acting in the world.(43)


42 – Matarasso, F. (2009). The Triumph of Whose Will? Power, responsibility and the artist. See https://parliamentofdreams.files.wordpress.com/2014/02/the-triumph-of-whose-will.pdf (Available online – Accessed 21 August 2016)

43 – Ibid., emphasis added.

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