Someone needs to take responsibility for the failings. The community aren’t culpable, and The Institution’s previous actions don’t bode well, and so this leaves me. And I do not feel strong enough to bear this burden, so I turn to other practitioners and researchers to help: I turn to you. If we’re going to do this work, can we help each other to do it better? As suggested in the introduction: ‘Professional development is to make this “knowing-in-action” explicit so that it can be the subject of further reflection and conscious development.’(47) After this reflection, what conscious development do we need to undertake? What can we do? Where do we go from here to ensure these sorts of failure don’t happen again? For me, this needs to come in infrastructural development, and while I don’t want to be prescriptive or suggest a universal model, I do want to end with ten questions that might help us all develop context-specific infrastructural considerations (see the questions to ask yourself).


47 – Schon, as paraphrased by Moon, op. cit.

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