This contextualisation provides a brief background to my specific project, and before I dive into the details, I should re-iterate that the aim of this paper is not to directly critique certain organisations or individuals. It is to share my personal experience in the hopes of contributing to the learning of the field as a whole. It is not about blame, but rather asking questions of how we might do our work better. Therefore, to protect the anonymity of the CPP partner (who are still operating) that organised the project I undertook, I will refer to them as The Institution. The Institution is a small company of fewer than five full-time employees selected by CPP to deliver a series of socially engaged projects with local, national and international artists within England over the next three years. As their grant was over £2 million, they were legally required to partner with a larger organisation to manage their funds and so developed a partnership with a national heritage organisation. The Director of The Institution has been involved with large-scale public art projects in art biennales before, and so they are not novices at this type of work. I was therefore initially very excited to work with them

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