TrainWreck – 2

When you finally track down a map for the underground (it was hidden behind a pillar) you realise that it is all in another language.

This is to be expected; you are, after all, in another country. You are not daunted by this, and so begin to read the map, scouring the names of the stations to find a match for the one The Organisers gave you in which the event would be taking place… only, you cannot find the exact station. There are several similar spellings and several very similar words, but none are an exact match. You are perplexed: perhaps you wrote the station name down wrong? So, you send a text message to The Organisers of the event, asking which station is best: the one all the way in the East (but on the same underground line), the one in the North which requires three train changes, or the one two stops from here, to the West?

The respond quite promptly, happily: ‘So glad you’re on your way! You can go to any of those stations – its up to you!’

This confuses you and so you respond: ‘Which one will you be at?’ They reply that they’re actually not based in the city at all, but in the next town over, and will be focusing on other events there for the next few weeks, but are sure you will have a great time. They add: ‘We’ve got some friends in any of those stops that can help you out – just let us know which one you go to, and we’ll put you in touch!’

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