TrainWreck – 3

So you decide to head to the station in the East: you can get there without changing trains, and while it is a longer journey, it seems like the simplest option. To do this, you have to enter a one-way system, which leads you down some stairs to the lower underground trains, and so you go down, carrying all your luggage. Once on your way, you decide to text The Organisers and let them know that you’re heading that way, and wonder if they could give your contact details to their friend who is at that station: perhaps they could meet you there? … but you realise that there is no signal this far underground, and you can neither send nor receive any messages, and you can’t go back up because of the one-way system, so you decide to head onwards and contact them when you get to this station. You might have to wait a while, but at least you will be on-site and can start working.

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