TrainWreck – 4

You wait on the platform at the end of the one-way system, waiting for the East-bound train to take you to the Station-that-sounds-like-the-one-you-were-given, where The Organisation has friends that might help you. The LED board suggests the train should arrive in two minutes, and so you gather up your bags and get ready. You notice no one else is waiting on the platform, and this gives you a slight sense of trepidation: are you on the wrong platform? Being in a strange country and the only person on a strange platform, unsure of where you’re going is an unsettling experience.

But the wind and noise of an approaching train calm your nerves slightly and a shining, new metal beast rockets to the platform. A door aligns directly in front of you – you take this as a good omen. It begins to open with a sci-fi shoosh, then stops halfway. You lean in and push it open further with your elbow, struggling with your bags, and step up, step on, and into the train, and then look around for a seat.

There is no one else on the train except a single woman with several planks of wood and some tools, hammering away at a structure of some kind.

You also notice that there aren’t any seats. Only a collection of old, dining room chairs, not fixed to the floor. As the door closes, a beautifully printed infographic in a multitude of languages advises you to build your own seat.

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