TrainWreck – 7

Eventually, after about ten confused minutes, the youth get bored and stop the train, escaping though the windows and racing down the track into the darkness. The Conductor pulls his hat off, dejectedly walks into the cabin and restarts the train. It takes a few shuddering moments, but then moves forward. It stops at a station, and you realise you are back where you started. A few people get off the train, and a plump woman in a uniform steps in, yelling sharply and surely something you don’t understand. People begin to offer papers, and you assume it is a ticket inspection, so you stand up, and hold out your ticket. She looks at you, and begins to speak in another language. You let her speak, and at a pause, smile and apologise saying: ‘I’m sorry, I don’t understand you. I do not speak your language.’ The woman in the uniform looks angry and begins to loudly say the same thing. People on the train look away. You say again: ‘I’m sorry, I don’t understand. Should I get off?’ and point to the open door. She looks at you, and stares at you with an open mouth. You make to leave the train and she pushes past you, onto the platform and keeps walking. You assume it’s OK to stay on the train so you sit back down, and the door closes, and the train heads off again into the dark tunnels to a place where you know no one will meet you, and where an event that you are supposed to be performing at might or might not happen.

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